Dating As An Entrepreneur

Jennifer Roberson

Dating As An Entrepreneur

Busy, busy, busy… seems like that is the language of every entrepreneur in the world! I don’t have time to date. I don’t set aside time to date. My business is more important right now. I don’t have the energy to date. Sound familiar? Yea, I’ve heard it all! Some of those excuses may be true, but they are exactly what they are… excuses. Dating as an entrepreneur is not as hard as some people make it. Just like you have a schedule for the work that you do, you should have a schedule for dating. Well, Jen, the pickings are slim! Trust me, you haven’t said anything but a word! But guess what, there are eligible bachelors out there that understand your hustle and respect it. Some of them are entrepreneurs, some of them are not. They are unicorns nonetheless, but they’re out there! Lol!

Here’s what has worked for me since I’ve started dating….

•Set aside one night a week or every other week (whichever works best for you) to go on a REAL date. Meaning, he picks you up (or if it’s the first date, you meet him at the designated spot) at a certain time and you go somewhere that you can either have fun or have a good conversation. Do NOT treat this date like a business meeting! This is a time to relax, let your hair down, and talk about something other than work.

•Don’t rush. I know some of you have been in the entrepreneur game for a long time, and you’ve been single the entire time. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just know that when you are ready to date, pace yourself and don’t make decisions based on your feelings. Even though dating is not a business transaction, I recommend that you keep your eyes and ears open for deal-breakers.

•Trust your intuition. You’ve gotten this far in your business successfully by using it. Dating is no different. If something just doesn’t sit right with you about your date, trust it and keep it moving. You control whether you set another date. Don’t feel bad about what you sensed. You sensed it for a reason, and it could be a warning for what is to come.

•Stick to your standards. You wouldn’t settle for anything less for your business. Dating is no different. This is where prayer comes in (for me, anyway). I have a conversation with God about what I’m looking for and want, he shows me what I need, and we come to an agreement. If someone tells you that your standards are too strict, it’s because they can’t live up to them. You know your worth, and what you have to offer. The man that’s out there for you will meet, if not exceed, what you’ve prayed for; so, don’t give up!

Lastly, beautiful… stay true to yourself. There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who is sure of herself. Not proud, or cocky, but confident. Men are attracted to authenticity. You can be dressed for the GODS!! But if you are not authentic in your approach you will lose. Don’t be surprised if you go on several dates… that’s just how it goes. But again, don’t give up; and be selective on how you spend your time, and who you spend it with. Vibes don’t lie.
He’s out there, boo! And he’s looking forward to meeting you.😊

-Jennifer Roberson

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