$39,000 Louis Vuitton Airplane Themed Bag

By Toyia Thrives

Glamour, high fashion and the beauty world are forever evolving and wowing us on a daily. I grew up in the country far from the city lights. I always loved going to Dallas, Houston and especially Phoenix, Arizona during the summertime to shop for school clothes. These cities were always ahead when it came to fashion. Fashion makes you unique and it allows you to express yourself. Let’s just say I watched a lot of Disney, BET, MTV and collected magazines to stay in the know.

I began to love name brands like Sean John, Versace, Dooney & Burke and, of course, Louis Vuitton. The creativity each one of these designers has amazes me. As an adult I’ve lived in cities and have seen both sides of fashion. I love the uniqueness of high-fashion and the craziness of it every now and then. It wows me when high-end luxury brands create expensive and ridiculous pieces of art.

Photo: Getty Images | Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag
Photo: Getty Images | Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag

I definitely respect the latest Louis Vuitton product taking the internet by storm. It’s a bag from the new Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2021 menswear collection by artistic director Virgil Abloh. It’s shaped like an airplane and by the way it costs $39,000.  From my understanding you can purchase a real airplane for less than the cost of this bag. I can’t wait to see which celebrities will be rocking this bag!

Most women love purses and bags especially a good luxury purse. To my purse and bag collectors will you be adding this luxury bag to your collection?

Photo: Getty Images | Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag


-Virgil Abloh, is an American designer, DJ and entrepreneur, who has been the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection since March 2018. -Wikipedia

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